StormStrike #44

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Kurt said, "Jai, this is Operation Prometheus."

Jai braced herself to be ready for anything as the others approached. She asked sternly, "What's going on?"

The one with glasses who walked towards them leading the others returned, "You are to become a part of what we're doing here." He looked at Kurt. "You didn't tell her yet?"

Kurt said, "Not completely."

Jai looked at Kurt at her side for a long moment. She then returned her attention to the stranger and noticed a small group of people gathered behind him that all looked at her. Jai did a quick look around the group and noticed a couple of familiar faces. "James and Sonya are here?"

From behind her, Jai heard a female voice. "About time you showed back up." As Jai slowly turned to the familiar voice, Victoria continued, "I was beginning to wonder about you, Miss Cabarini."

Jai looked around again at the computers and electronics then looked at the faces again. She would stop her scan briefly at each face that left an impression on her during her days with StormStrike. She slowly let out a deep breath when she returned her sight to Kurt. "What exactly is this place?"

Kurt returned, "Jai, let me introduce you to Seth Thompson. His job is deputy director. In other words, he's the one calling the shots in my absence. And Operation Prometheus is actually the codename given to the rebirth of the StormStrike project." As Jai looked at Thompson with a suspicious eye, Kurt continued, "Ever since the team fell apart, his job has been to catalog metahumans to determine the possible lineup of the team that you will have."

Jai took a short breath. "Screw that. I know who should be on the team."

Thompson responded, "You will work with the team assembled and that's that. We have a couple of metahumans already with us."

Kurt noticed Jai was about to reply and thought best to get between them. "Wait. Why don't we hear her out on who she thinks should be here? Like it or not, she's the only one of the original four around and under the bylaws that gives her certain well, certain options." He looked at Jai and gave a small grin. "So, who do you want here on the team?"

"In a perfect world, I wouldn't have had to answer that question. The lineup we had was fine. However, I once heard that it was important for a member of the Blake family to be here above all others. So if we must deal with that legacy, you know who should be here."

Kurt nodded. "But we weren't able to convince him to join fulltime before."

Jai shook her head. "No, you know why he didn't. However, this time I'll talk to him."

As she turned to make her way out, Thompson said, "We can't let you just bring anybody here."

Jai looked back over her shoulder at him with disgust. When she turned back, she found a person in her path that was not there before. Jai stared into his eyes then warned, "Get out of my way."

As the silent one looked at Thompson while Jai continued her mean stare at him, Kurt said, "Let her go."

After Jai quickly made her way out, Thompson said to Kurt, "I hope you know what you're doing."

Kurt nodded. "I do. And I have no problem if she can get him here. After all, he's someone I wanted on the team before anyhow."

"But you know what he'll want to bring with him, don't you?"

Before Kurt could answer, Victoria spoke up. "Mister Wade, we've gotten the analysis on that blood on the uniform. It belonged to Mister Blake as you suspected. Do you think the Philippine government removed it before you got to it?"

Kurt thought a moment as that idea was not one he had before she said it. "That's a possibility but I have no idea why. And where is it now? And I still want to know how his communicator got to Houston during that assault."

Thompson motioned to the one that stood in the doorway. "We could send him in and they will never know he was there."

Kurt looked over his shoulder for a second. He said to Thompson, "No. Sending him around the United States is one thing but sending him to another country to use his phase-shifting abilities to go into another government is out of the question. If he gets caught"

Thompson cut him off. "Then he knows we will disavow even knowing him."

Kurt repeated, "I said no and that's that."

"Fine." Thompson stormed out with the metahuman walking out with him. When they got into the hallway, Thompson said softly, "Get to the Philippines and see what you can find out."

"What about what he said?"

Thompson took a breath. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him." He stopped to look at him. "Get it done. Fast and quiet."

"As always."

Thompson continued through the corridor. "And this time, we can't even let the chief of staff Victoria Malloy know. She's loyal to him. So, total silence." As they came to a fork in the corridor, Thompson waited for him to give a nod then they headed in opposite ways.

Two hours later in Montreal, Aurora walked up the steps to her apartment building with the two behind her. She made it to her door and looked over her shoulder at them. She noticed he gave her a small grin or at least what would pass for one from her rather large brother while his twin sister looked around without making eye contact with her. Aurora unlocked the door and walked in to see a young teenage girl sitting on the couch watching television. She said, "Hi, Kelly."

Kelly Noblitt jumped up off the couch with youthful excitement. She ran to Aurora and hugged her. "I was worried about you with the news. What happened?" Kelly then looked at the two in the doorway. "Whoa."

Talia walked in and pointed at Kelly. "Don't start with that royal family talk. I'm not in the mood." She looked around at the apartment. "Quaint." When Aurora looked at her, Talia asked, "You wouldn't happen to have a bar in here and some vodka?"

Aurora glared at her for a moment then replied, "No."

Talia sighed then turned and began making her way to the door.

Nathan asked, "Where are you going?"

Talia replied without breaking her stride, "I'm going to see if I can find a bar."

After Talia exited, the door to one of the bedrooms opened and Steven exited. When his eyes locked with Aurora's, he gave a smile when she gave him a grin. "Hi."

Aurora replied, "Hey." She watched with a smile as he walked over to her briskly until he was standing in front of her. For a long silent moment, she looked up into his eyes then she quickly wrapped her arms around him in an embrace. "I missed you."

Steven kissed her gently on the forehead. When she pulled back enough to look up at him, he gave her a quick kiss on the lips. As Aurora buried herself into him as she hugged tightly, Steven looked over at the other male in the room. "Nathan."

"Steven," Nathan replied. He looked at his youngest sister as she continued to tightly hug him then asked, "You are treating her right, aren't you?"

As Aurora let out a short smirk without releasing her hold, Steven replied, "Of course."

"Good. You know that if you break her heart, I'll break you." Nathan looked back at the door. "Now, I guess I should go find that other sister before she gets herself in enough trouble to be kicked out of Canada."

Aurora turned to her brother as he made his way to the door. "That was a joke, right?" When Nathan looked back at her with a completely serious expression on his face, Aurora continued, "Talia wouldn't do anything that bad, would she?"

Nathan shook his head in disbelief then continued out the door. He made his way out of the building into the street. He looked to his left then to his right. Nathan made eye contact with a couple of young adult females that walked by that smiled at him. He asked them, "Is there a bar near?"

The brunette replied, "About a block up and a block over is the closest one. We can show you."

It took them twenty minutes to reach the bar. When they walked in, Nathan quickly looked around then noticed Talia at the bar who looked back at him then smirked before returning her attention forward. Nathan said to his escorts while he eyed Talia, "It seems the one I was looking for is here after all."

The redhead at his right asked with a playful pout, "That's your girlfriend?"

Nathan glared at her. "No. That's just my sister that gets in a lot of trouble in bars. I need to try to keep her out of trouble for a change. If you ladies will excuse me." Nathan made his way towards Talia as the two females watched him walk away from them.

When Nathan sat next to her, Talia downed her drink quickly then motioned for a refill as she said, "They wanted you." Talia knew the stare he was giving without looking at her brother. "I don't think Katya would know if you spent time with them." She looked at Nathan when he did not respond. "Oh, come on. What kind of agent would I be if I didn't know that you two have been an item for a long time now?"

"We thought we were discrete."

Talia smiled wickedly. "Not discrete enough to keep it from me." She downed the refill and motioned for another as she asked, "So, you followed me here?"

"To keep you out of trouble."

Talia put on a serious face. "Who? Me? When have I ever caused trouble?" After he frowned at her and shook his head, she made an innocent pout for a second then laughed softly. "Well, I haven't caused any trouble all week."

"A week? Well, I guess that breaks your previous record by about four days."

Talia laughed. "I'm not that bad." She gave a small grin to her brother who just returned his customary mean stare. "Okay, but you know you love me."

"I can't deny that."

Talia nodded. "And the feeling is mutual you know." She took a deep breath then asked, "What happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

Talia answered, "The family. Now that they have all turned up, where do we go next? I still feel a little awkward with them."

He took a moment before he responded to what his sister said. "I know what you mean. I guess we take it one step at a time. But we agreed to bring Aurora home so let's go back and help her with what she needs to do."

"Okay." As Talia stood, she glanced at the bartender then said to Nathan, "Pay him."

"I didn't get anything so why would I pay him?"

Talia grinned with the smile that is reserved for her twin brother. "Because you're my older brother."

"By only about four minutes."

Talia replied with a grin, "As you have told me many times since we found out, you can do a lot in four minutes." She stood up and watched as her brother reached into his pocket to pay her tab. As they were walking out, Talia said to Nathan, "Before we get back, let's find you some Dr. Pepper and I'll treat you." She smiled at him as he gave her a small grin back.

In the United Kingdom, he stood amidst a small crowd of tourists that took pictures of the circle of large stones from a short distance. He looked around the group with a sly grin. His eyes may have helped to give away any thoughts he had but they were hidden away behind a pair of sunglasses. He did not wear them for the same reason the others in the group did. He did not wear them to take away the glare of the sun which was setting. He wore them because of the sensitivity of his eyes and being an albino. However, he had started dying his hair blond to throw off the authorities that were still looking for him on a few crimes in the United States. For Duncan Grant, he always wanted to see Stonehenge since he was a little kid but never thought he would see it in person.

A sudden bright flash filled the cloudy sky just before the clouds opened up and something streaked out of the sky. The streak ended in the center of Stonehenge as Lord Omega landed hard on the ground that caused it to rumble for over a mile in all directions on his impact. He looked out to the startled crowd then fired off a shot that engulfed a mother and young child to Duncan's right. When the blast ended, the two were no where to be seen as Lord Omega turned his back to the crowd as he rapidly looked around the area as beams of power continued to bombard the fleeing crowd and killing people randomly.

As the remaining crowd began to scream and run away in a mad frenzy, Duncan remained as he just stared at the figure. When Lord Omega slowly looked back at him, Duncan took a deep breath. He looked Lord Omega up and down then said sarcastically, "Nice mask." When Lord Omega did not respond other than a cold stare, Duncan said with a sly grin, "Don't get me wrong. I'm no hero. Actually, pretty far from it. I am"

Lord Omega cut him off as his deep voice boomed through the area, "You are nothing!"

As Lord Omega took a step towards him, Duncan used his telekinesis to push him back. Duncan was slightly surprise at the amount of resistance that was being pushed back at him. Duncan telekinetically lifted Lord Omega off the ground. Then Duncan came to a startling realization that it seemed Lord Omega was only allowing him to use his power against him as some sort of sick amusement.

Lord Omega swiftly dropped back to the ground against Duncan's will and fired off a shot at him.

Even though Duncan was able to put up a kinetic shield before the blast reached, the sheer force of it launched him backwards over thirty yards.

As if he did not fear what Duncan could do, Lord Omega turned back and walked until he stood in the center of the stones. He stretched his arms outwards and looked skyward. The stones began to glow with blue-green energy as the ground rumbled as pieces of earth just outside of Stonehenge began to break apart and levitate a few feet off the ground. The energy began to move into Lord Omega as he reveled in the flow of enormous power. As the energy suddenly stopped, Lord Omega turned to see Duncan getting to his feet.

As Duncan was getting to his feet, he felt a strong power grab a hold of him and lift him off the ground. After he took a blink, he could see he was at least fifteen feet off the ground. Without being able to even stop it with his telekinesis, Duncan found himself slammed back into the ground within the next instant.

Lord Omega took to the air as he flew towards Duncan at blinding speed. When he reached Duncan, Lord Omega grabbed him by the throat with his hand and began to squeeze. As Duncan gasped for air and futilely struggled against the powerful grip, Lord Omega asked with disdain, "Ready to die?"

Duncan could not even get enough air in his lungs to supply an answer.

As the hand on Duncan's neck began to glow that caused pain a female voice came from behind Lord Omega. "Enough! He's with me!"

Lord Omega turned then slowly released his grip on Duncan who fell to the ground gasping to refill his lungs. Lord Omega looked into her icy blue eyes and let out a subtle smirk. "So, there you are. How did you know?" He looked at the parts of the ground that were ripped up when he stood in the center of the stones. "Oh. No matter." He calmly walked by her as she barely moved but did not take her eyes off him. "I got what I came for from the stones and so you can have the scraps." After he passed her and she slowly turned to him again, Lord Omega shot off the ground and disappeared into the sky in an instant.

When a hand appeared in front of him to help him up, Duncan looked at the source to see a familiar sour face. "Tremor? Thanks for the save but I think I could have taken him."

Tremor shook her head in disgust. "He was just toying with you." She looked at the center of Stonehenge for a moment then turned and looked skyward where Lord Omega took off. "He got what he needed here and now it begins."

"What begins?"

Tremor took a deep breath. "Armageddon."

Duncan looked at her. "Wait a minute. You will save us, right? I know we're not heroes but to survive, he must fail?" After Tremor gave a fast nod, Duncan asked, "You can stop him, right?"

Tremor shook her head. "No." She walked away from Duncan then said softly so he could not hear her, "I'm not the hero."

Nathan and Talia slowly walked on the sidewalk towards their little sister's apartment. As they reached the steps, Talia walked up the steps to the front door to the building as Nathan stopped to eye the black car parked in front on the curb. When Talia turned back to him with a puzzled expression, he asked, "This car wasn't here before, was it?"

As he did not take his eyes off the car, Talia shrugged. "I don't think so. Why?"

He placed his left hand on the hood. "You don't see these cars often." He looked at Talia. "The engine's still warm."

"Is that trouble?"

"I hope not." Nathan briskly made his way inside and to Aurora's door with Talia a step behind him. As they reached the door, Nathan noticed Jai about to knock on the door then looked at him and stopped herself. "What are you doing here?"

Jai replied, "I came to talk to Steven and Aurora." She looked at Talia who just looked back at her with a very slight grin. "What?"

Talia looked at her brother. "I take it that car belongs to her." After Nathan gave a short nod, she continued up the steps. She walked by Jai to open the door as she said, "Nice car."

As Talia walked in, Jai looked at Nathan. "How are you doing?"

Nathan took a deep breath then said, "I'm existing." He walked in to Aurora's apartment then said to Talia that took a seat on a stool, "Haven't you heard of knocking?"

Talia looked at Aurora then back to Nathan. "She's our sister. Why should I have to knock?"

Aurora said when she noticed Nathan was about to respond, "It's okay, Nathan." She looked as Jai slowly entered and her eyes grew. "Jai! Where in the Hell have you been?"

Talia added, "Damn, that's a good question."

Jai glared at a smug Talia for a second then looked at Aurora who sat next to Steven on the couch with his arm around her shoulders. She saw the door to the next room open and Kelly walked out with a startled expression when she saw Jai. Jai said, "It's a little complicated about where I went but I'm back now. And I was told there will be a new StormStrike and that's why I'm here." She looked at Steven. "I want you with me." As he was about to speak, Jai rushed out, "I know all the reasons you didn't join full-time before but things change. They want me to lead the team and I told them I want to pick my team."

Steven replied, "Well, there's a little matter of this person next to me."

Jai looked at Aurora then nodded. "Consider it done. Look, Aurora worked with us enough before to give her some slack. And I remember back when the team first formed, they wanted someone so bad that they took two people on his request. That person was your brother and it was me and Ryder he requested. Call it payback."

Talia walked over to stand next to Nathan then leaned against her brother. "I seem to remember when we went against StormStrike and pretty much handed their heads to them. I think we're still the best team if those two are your only picks for the new team. But don't worry, we'll pull your butts out of the fire anytime you need us." She looked up at Nathan. "Right?"

Jai looked at Talia then shook her head. "Let's not forget we were a brand-new team then and you two had a lifetime together." She looked at Nathan. "Besides, if I could pick anyone else, there would be no doubt. Only he's already taken by the FSB."

Talia looked at Jai then Nathan then swiftly back at Jai. "Wait just one damned minute! You better not think about breaking us up! And another thing!"

As Talia continued talking to Jai, Aurora sighed then looked at Steven. She softly asked, "Is this important to you?"

Steven took a breath then nodded. "Yeah. My brother believed in it enough that he gave his life for it. But you're very important to me so if you say you don't want to do this then I'll stick with you."

"Travis was my friend too. And he believed in me." She smiled at Steven then looked at Jai who just eyed Talia who continued to warn Jai. Aurora spoke loud enough to interrupt her sister. "Okay if you can pull it. But there's one condition too."

Jai looked away from Talia to Aurora then asked, "What?"

Aurora replied, "StormStrike is supposed to be the Fab Four. And the final spot belongs to Ryder. I refuse to give up on him."

Jai allowed a small grin to cross her lips. "Not a problem. That was going to be our first priority then we'll work on getting those androids out of the compound."

Nathan stepped forward as Talia tried to grab his arm. He said, "So you plan to go against Corbian to get the kid back then take out those androids?" After Jai nodded, Nathan continued, "Well, I stepped in once before to fill in for a member out of action and I'd like to do so again." Nathan looked back at Talia who sadly looked away. "And I want you with me every step of the way. As always, side-by-side. Remember, we were born together and if need be we'll die together."

After Talia gave him with a speedy smile, she added, "Together for life."

Nathan looked back at Jai. "Is that going to be a problem?" After Jai shook her head, he added, "Then it's settled."

"Don't you need to clear it with the FSB?" Jai asked.

As Nathan gave her a puzzled look, Talia laughed then said, "You don't know him very well, do you?"

After a brief moment of silence, Kelly asked, "What about me?"

Aurora answered, "Oh, yeah. We need to talk. It's about family"

As a knock the door interrupted Aurora, Jai who stood closest to the door said, "I'll get it." Jai opened the door then noticed she was face-to-face with eldest Masters sibling. Her mind raced through the up and down relationship with Rex. And mostly it was on the down side. She continued to look into his eyes trying to get a feel of what his intentions were this time. As she continued to look into his eyes without speaking, Jai uncontrollably softly bit her bottom lip as he gave her a slight grin. Jai was surprised when Rex planted a kiss on her. As he was kissing her, at first she did not react then she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck as she opened her mouth to allow his tongue in. After a full minute of the tight embraced kiss concluded, Jai stepped back then looked back at the others in the room. She saw the startled expressions on Aurora, then Steven, then Kelly, followed by Nathan then ended where Talia was grinning widely. She looked back at Rex then said softly, "I think it's okay if you come in."

Rex grinned then walked in. He looked at Talia then said, "Hey." He looked at Nathan who gave him a hard stare. Rex returned a grin and slight nod. He looked at Steven who sat next to Aurora. "Treating her right I hope."

Aurora laughed then said, "That's the second time today a brother threatened him if he wasn't treating me right."

Rex looked at Nathan again who still stared at him with a determined look. He looked back at Aurora. "I see." He smiled at her. "No hug for your big brother, Nuny?" As a smiling Aurora jumped up and gave him a hug, Rex looked over at Kelly who stood off to the side with a sheepish look on her face. He gave Aurora a kiss on the forehead then walked over to Kelly. "Hey, kid."

Kelly asked, "You're alive?"

Rex turned and asked, "You guys didn't tell her?"

Aurora responded, "We were about to when you showed up."

Rex looked at Kelly. "I'm here to take you back to the family. Back to my parents and everyone else." He looked around the room quickly then back to Kelly. "Where you belong."

Kelly looked at Aurora. "Aurora?"

Aurora smiled at her. "It's okay. I have faith in my mom, Rex, and Bret at least in taking good care of you better than I can. And I'll come see you from time to time. I promise."

Kelly returned, "But I thought you and your dad didn't get along."

Aurora shrugged. "Things are well, they are a little better. But I won't stay away forever anymore." She looked at Rex. "Besides, if they don't treat you right, I'll come there to kick Rex's butt." As her oldest brother gave her a perplexed stare, Aurora smiled slightly until he smirked and shook his head.

Kelly replied with a little sadness, "Okay." She looked at Steven then took a breath. "I guess you won't have to keep an eye on me when she takes off anymore."

Steven smiled. "That's right." He let out a chuckle.

Aurora playfully hit him. "Stop it." She looked at Kelly. "He's going to miss you too so I'll make sure he visits with me."

Rex said, "We may as well get started because we have a long trip ahead of us."

Kelly asked, "Long trip?"

Rex nodded. "I had Sybil teleport me a good distance from here." He looked at Aurora. "I promised someone a long time ago not to reveal her location to anyone and she's too important to me to break that promise."

Aurora smiled. "Actually, I think Dad knows the general area I'm in now. It's no big deal."

Rex frowned at her. "What the? You mean I traveled further than I needed to?"

Aurora walked over to him and hugged him. "But I appreciate it, Rex." She looked up at him and smiled while not releasing her hug.

Rex continued to frown for a brief moment then it slowly vanished. He shook his head as he sighed. "Damn. Why can't I stay mad at you?"

Aurora responded, "Because you love me."

Rex nodded helplessly. "I can't deny that."

Nathan and Talia looked at each other then looked at their siblings. Nathan stared in amazement as Talia let out a soft laugh after a futile attempt to hold it in. He looked at Talia then whispered in Russian, "Have you been talking to her?"

Talia shook her head. "But there's hope for her yet."

Rex said to Kelly, "Let's get started." He looked at Talia then said, "Later." After she gave a smile and nod, Rex looked at Nathan. "Bye." He gave Aurora a hug and kiss on the forehead. "Take care, Nuny." He looked at Steven. "As long as she's happy, then I'm happy. Remember that." Rex made his way to the door then turned back to look at Jai who just gave a blank stare back to him.

Talia asked Jai, "Aren't you also going to give him another big kiss on the way out too?"

After Jai gave her a mean stare then turned away, Rex looked at Talia with a grin on his face. Rex gave Talia a subtle wink then walked out.

Kelly said to Steven, "See ya." She walked over to Aurora. "I just wanted to say well, I mean um"

Aurora nodded. "I know." She smiled at Kelly. Aurora gave Kelly a hug then said, "I'll visit. I promise."

Kelly walked to the door then took a look back before she left to catch up to Rex.

After Kelly left, Steven asked Jai, "When do we get started?"

"Now would be nice," replied Jai.

"We have to take care of some things here first. Both of us. We could be in DC tomorrow."

Jai nodded. "Sure." She motioned at the communicator she wore when she noticed that Steven still had his on. "Use it to reach me when you get there. I'm heading back now."

Nathan said, "We'll go with you now."

Talia asked, "Why?"

Nathan said sternly, "I think they would like to spend some time without us around."

Talia looked at Steven and Aurora then said, "Oh." She thought a moment then smirked. "Hey, does he use his powers for that?" She looked around at the expressions on the faces in the room. "What?" After Nathan grabbed her by the arm and began to pull her to the door, Talia said, "You always ruin a good moment where she's concerned."

After Nathan pulled Talia out of the apartment, Jai sighed then asked, "Would you let her stay if I can get him to leave her?" After a moment of silence and the sly grins on them, Jai nodded. "I didn't think so. See you guys tomorrow." Jai turned and walked out the apartment and closed the door behind her.

A few hours later, Jai walked into the control area at Operation Prometheus to see Kurt who looked at her with a small grin and Thompson with a sour expression. She stopped for a second to take a breath then said, "I'm not alone. I have two people with me now."

Kurt nodded. "Steven and Aurora. Where are they?"

Jai stepped aside to allow the two behind her to enter.

As Nathan and Talia stood looking around the room, Kurt stared in disbelief for a moment then his grin grew. He looked at Thompson who had a surprised expression then let out a soft chuckle.

Thompson walked over to Jai and the twins. He looked at Jai who returned a stern expression. He looked at the twins who continued to look around themselves without focusing on him. He took in a deep breath then slowly let it out. He returned his attention to Jai who continued her silent stare at him. He looked back at the twins briefly then quickly returned his attention to the silent Jai. Thompson took another deep breath then said, "Damn." He walked back over to Kurt then nodded. "I wish I knew how she pulled this off." He continued on his way to leave the room.

Kurt laughed softly then walked over to Jai's side. He said to her while looking at the twins, "Way to go. So, what happened to Steven and Aurora?"

Jai replied, "They'll be here tomorrow. These two are just going to help us with our first two things to do." She looked at Kurt then continued, "Get Ryder back and then get those androids out of our compound."

"About that"

Nathan glared at Kurt. "That's our plan. Do you mind?"

Kurt looked at Nathan then gulped. He put on a small smile then answered, "Sounds like a good plan to me." He looked over at Victoria. "Victoria, can you show them to their living quarters?"

Victoria nodded. "Sure. Follow me."

As Jai and Nathan immediately followed Victoria out the other way, Talia took a moment to stop in front of Kurt. She gave a small grin then continued to catch up to the others.

As the new energy flowed through his body, Lord Omega hovered in the air with his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling it gave him. He knew at the altitude he hovered that there would be no interruptions as he was above the planet at the edge of the atmosphere as it continued to rotate below him. He was unaffected by neither the thin air nor the cold. Then as if something startled him, Lord Omega suddenly opened his eyes which were filled with anger. He looked down at the area that appeared over the horizon and grew angrier. Lord Omega took a brief pause then speedily flew towards Washington DC.


Armageddon: Part One. Lord Omega versus the heroes saga as he descends on the Washington DC area.




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