StormStrike #46

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Jai opened her eyes to see him starting from the feet then working her way up to see her maneuver had burned away some of his garb. Then she finally reached his face to see his mask was now only burning remnants that he did not even acknowledge as an inconvenience. However, Jai was able to make out the face and it was one she thought she would never see again. "What the? Impossible." She blinked a few times to hope her vision played tricks on her but no such luck. "Travis?"

Without a reply, he tossed her away and he just watched as she hit the ground in a slide that stopped closer to the jet. He looked up to the sky then quickly flew upwards.

Jai got to her feet in time to only see him as a small speck as he got further away from her. She took a few breaths as she tried to understand what just happened.

She walked into the large well-lit area then stopped as she eyed the two in the room. She could not hear what they said to each other and did not even attempt to try to make out their conversation. She watched patiently until they broke their conversation and motioned for her to approach. She walked over and gave a slight bow of the head. "You summoned me?"

"Yes, Genesis. Would you say your charge is ready to do what must be done?"

Genesis replied, "I'm not sure."

"We must act now or all is lost. The issue is being pressed."

Genesis returned, "Still I am not sure about this at this time."

"Are you sure? Or are you trying to keep him around?" After Genesis gave a perturbed gaze, he continued, "If action is not done now then all is lost."

Genesis reluctantly nodded slightly then slowly turned. She rapidly walked out the way she came.

After she vanished around the corner, they stood in silence for a few seconds until one broke it. "What do you think of her? Do you think she can do her job this time with her personal involvement?"

"We have to keep faith that Genesis will do what she was bred to do when the time comes."

Talia used her power to place Nathan inside a bubble of matter and flew him back. When she landed at the entrance, she noticed several people that stood just inside. She yelled, "I've got a medical situation here!" Talia quickly followed one that motioned for her to follow him. She brought Nathan into a medical center of the complex and saw a female turn to her. "Are you a doctor?"

Patricia Kensington nodded. "Head physician around here. Can I help you?"

Talia stepped aside as she said, "My brother is hurt and he won't open his eyes."

Patricia looked at Nathan for a quick second then said, "Get him over to the table." After Talia placed him on the table, Patricia began to examine him by checking his eyes to see if they reacted to light. "I take it that your power doesn't short circuit his powers." She glanced over her shoulder to see Talia not take her eyes off Nathan then returned to her examination. "Look, you can wait outside."

Talia frowned then snapped, "If you think I'm going to leave his side, you can go Hell! Now do your job and help him!"

From behind Talia, a soft female voice said, "Talia?"

Talia took a deep breath as she knew who owned the voice. "Aurora, I'm really not in the mood for you right now."

Patricia said without stopping working on Nathan, "Aurora, can you do me a favor and get your sister out of here so I can work on your brother?"

"I don't know if you're a good doctor or not," Talia returned.

Aurora said, "Talia, I can vouch for her. She operated on me once. Let's wait just outside so we won't be in her way."

Talia said, "Take care of him. If there's anything you need from me, just ask. Since we're twins, I should be able to donate anything you need."

Patricia glanced at Talia. "Hopefully, that won't be necessary."

Talia turned and walked to the door as Aurora went out. Talia stopped in the doorway to turn to look back at her brother. She sighed then walked out into the hallway where her sister stood. As Aurora was about to speak, Talia cut her off. "Look, don't talk. I'm not in the mood." She looked through the glass of the door.

Jai made her way into the cockpit of the jet and turned on the radio. "Kurt, are you there?"

Kurt answered back, "Right here, Jai. Are you okay?"

"Yeah." She took a deep breath then said, "No, not really. I think I may have figured out how you found a StormStrike communicator that belonged to Travis in the Houston aftermath."


Jai waited a moment then replied, "Travis is Lord Omega."

"Are you sure?"

Jai took a deep breath then responded, "I know what I saw. I'm confused because he did things that I didn't know he could do before."

"Jai, could it be possible that whoever he is that he could also have the power to change his appearance? Maybe he's playing mind games with you."

"I can only hope that's what happened," Jai responded. "It would explain some of the odd things he said. But anyhow it seems he got away."

"I don't think so. It seems he's coming back to the DC area. Something around here must have gotten his interest."

"On my way." Jai flipped on the engines which caused the jet to use the vertical take-off and landing function. When the jet lifted out of the Grand Canyon, she quickly turned eastward then flew forward and skyward.

Kurt looked over his shoulder to see Seth in the doorway as Steven walked towards him. When Steven reached him, Kurt lowered his voice, "It seems you might have an issue with what's going on out there."

Seth turned and walked out into the hallway. When he was out of their view, he reached for his phone and pressed a single button before putting it to his ear. He continued walking as he spoke softly into the phone. "Have anything for me yet? I really need to know what became of that body."

"The Philippine government had the area quarantined but lifted it a couple of days after the incident. However, it appears they never seen a body. Of course, they could be covering something up so I will continue looking into it."

Seth took a deep breath. "According to the walking flamethrower, it would seem this metahuman that has rampaged cities is Travis Blake. So find out about that body for sure in case this is just some guy with the ability to look like other people."

Aimee slowly opened the front door to her house and looked in before she entered. She let out a sigh of relief then walked in. After she closed the door behind her, she turned to see Claire at the top of the stairs with her arms folded across her chest and frown on her face. Aimee shook her head.

Claire asked forcefully, "Where were you?"

"I was out getting some school work done, Mom," Aimee said with a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

Claire replied, "I don't know what to do with you. I have half a mind" The phone rang and she looked at the phone on a table to her left. She looked back at Aimee then said, "We'll continue our talk after I take care of this."

As Claire was picking up the phone, Aimee said, "Don't bother. I'm getting something to eat." Aimee made her way towards the kitchen.

Claire said into the phone, "Claire Kent here." After a short pause, she continued, "Supreme Commander, is it wise to call? What if I didn't answer the phone?"

The Discord Commander's voice said back, "This is important. I need you to use your political influence to find out something. Tonight, there were reports that the SR-71D was airborne over Alexandria. That plane is supposed to have been dismantled. And there are also reports the occupants were metahumans. There can never be another StormStrike or any group of government sponsored metahumans and that's your responsibility to see it never happens. And while you are at it, find out where that submarine they had is as well. Handle it."

"That will take time away from my other assignment concerning U.S.-Russia relations on their stance on metahumans."

"Let it deteriorate. Russia refuses to stop using their metahuman twins and we can use that to drive a wedge between the countries again."

Claire responded, "I don't understand."

"The Discord had the best days during the time of the Cold War. Maybe we should help along the coming of Cold War 2.0. While they deal with each other and have a blind eye to our activities, we will take our rightful place."

He descended into the middle of a street just behind a long line of cars in a traffic jam. When he noticed the person driving the final car looked at him through the rear view mirror, Lord Omega gave a very subtle grin then made his way toward the most famous address on the street as cars moved sideways to give way for him by an unseen force.

Victoria hung up the phone then turned to Kurt. "We have a big problem. It seems he's on Pennsylvania Avenue."

Kurt took a deep breath then looked at Steven to his right. "We can't wait for Jai to get back here now. Need you to try to slow him down and we'll let Jai know where to meet you."

"Okay." Steven turned and ran out of the room at high speed. He quickly made it to where Talia and Aurora stood just outside the infirmary. When Aurora looked to him, Steven said, "We have to go. He's on Pennsylvania Avenue."

After Aurora nodded, Talia shook her head. "Go ahead. I'm not leaving my brother."

As Aurora was about to speak, Steven said, "Suit yourself." He quickly grabbed up Aurora into his arms and ran out leaving Talia alone.

Talia noticed the door opened and Patricia walked out. Talia asked, "Is he going to make it?"

Patricia gave a slight grin then nodded. "It seems like it. He'll just need to probably rest for a couple of days."

Talia gave a half-grin. "Thanks. Look, about questioning you earlier, that was because"

"Trust me. I know. I didn't just become a doctor yesterday. We have him sedated now though to help him stay put to get that rest. Speaking of rest, why don't you go get some? He won't open his eyes for a few hours."

Talia's small grin gave way to a mean frown. "Rest?" She shook her head. "It seems the one responsible has been spotted on Pennsylvania Avenue. And as someone my brother and I have known for years likes to say, I'm going to ruin his day."

Lord Omega stopped when he stood in front of 1600 to see military soldiers positioned to defend the residence. He smiled then turned to face them. He looked at the fence then the smile slowly vanished. Lord Omega raised his hand and was about to unleash a blast but instead made a fist. He looked around then turned so they would face his back when they approached. When Steven and Aurora zipped in behind him, Lord Omega smiled. He said loud enough for them to hear him, "About time you showed up. You were sent to excuse me while I find this funny but you were sent to stop me." He let out a laugh.

Steven said, "We will stop you."

Lord Omega laughed again. "How do you expect to do that?" He turned to them. "Well, little brother?"

As Steven stared in disbelief, Aurora asked while she pointed at him, "Isn't he dead?"

Steven gave her a fast look then returned his attention to Lord Omega. "It must be some kind of trick. He must also have the power to change his appearance."

"Now, that would be a nice power to have. But I don't have that ability yet."

Aurora asked, "If you're really Travis, then why are you doing this?"

He looked at Aurora then smirked. "She just asked a very good question. However, I don't feel like answering it right now." He locked eyes with Steven. "I think we should shall we say have our conversation without further interruption." He glared at Aurora who suddenly shot skyward until she vanished into the night sky. He looked back at a startled Steven. "Now, it's just us."

"What did you do with Aurora? Where is she?"

He laughed. "Even you can't find her before she hits the ground." He watched as Steven made a fist and he grinned at him. "Yes. It's time to get angry, little brother. Come on. I've been waiting for this one."

Aurora could not even use her magnetic power to slow herself down as she streaked through the sky high above the capital city of the United States. She started to notice that she was beginning to head back down and started yelling on the way down. She continued until she felt herself suddenly stop and felt someone had a grip on her. She looked to the source of the grip. "Talia?"

Talia replied, "Don't ever say I never did anything for you."

Aurora returned jokingly, "So you do love me."

"I'm not in the mood. I can only guess it was the guy that hurt my brother that did that to you. Where is he?"

"In front of the White House with Steven." Aurora thought about what she saw. "We need to get there fast."

"No arguments out of me. Hang on." Talia shot towards Pennsylvania Avenue as she held her younger sister.

As cars were being launched towards him, Steven easily avoided them with his speed. Steven sped towards Lord Omega but as he got closed felt like he slammed into wall. As he regained his feet, Steven glared at a smug grin on his face.

Lord Omega said, "You can't be worn out yet. I would have expected a stronger fight from someone related to her."

Steven glared at him. "Her?"

Lord Omega quickly said, "Time to end it, little brother." He fired a blast that Steven evaded using his speed. As Steven ran towards him, he fired continuously but none hit the speeding target. Then one blast missed and hit a parked car which exploded. Lord Omega watched as the force of the explosion caused Steven to be hurled through the air until he landed at his feet. "Time to die, little brother."

From behind him, Talia swiftly got close enough to the ground to release Aurora then flew towards him. She fired her black matter into his back then she landed. She watched as he slowly turned towards her then she saw his face. For a brief second, Talia found herself a little surprised. "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Then her thoughts turned to her twin brother. Her expression once again turned to anger. "Well, when I kill you, we can move on since we already mourned you once." Talia once again fired but this time with a concentrated forceful blast that rammed him into an approaching police car. She looked over her shoulder at Aurora quickly then turned back to see Steven back on his feet. "Get Aurora and get out of here!"

Steven replied, "We're not leaving and you can't tell us what to do!"

Talia extended her arm towards Steven. "If you don't, I'll make you not even be able to use your powers! This is between him and me! And I don't care how fast you are, I can make it happen!"

Aurora interrupted, "Um, guys." When they looked at her, Aurora continued, "I think he's back up again."

Talia looked back to see the police car was hovering off the ground. She noticed the car was launched towards them. As she was about to use her power in an attempt to detect the car away, Talia noticed the car came to an abrupt halt but remained off the ground. She looked over her shoulder and noticed Aurora was excerpting her magnetic power and it was not an easy task for her. "Hey, I could have taken care of that."

After Aurora lowered the car and saw the relief expressions on the police in the car, she turned to Talia. "I'm sure your way wouldn't have kept them safe though."

"Yeah, and I don't know what part of our history would make you think I'd actually care," Talia retorted. "This is a war and people get hurt in wars. Take my brother for instance."

"Our brother. He's my" Aurora stopped when she saw Lord Omega standing up the street. She squinted her eyes as she notice that he gave a slight wave the hand. As Talia turned to see what Aurora saw, Aurora watched as he shot skyward.

Talia flew off after him into the night sky.

Aurora asked Steven, "Are you okay?"

"Am I? You were the one last seen flying through the air. Are you okay?" After Aurora nodded, Steven heard the sound from a jet. He noticed the black jet landing vertically. He ran to grab up Aurora then headed to the jet as the landing ramp was lowered. When inside the jet, he said to Jai, "They're gone."

Jai asked, "They?"

Steven nodded. "He took off and Talia went after him."

Aurora said, "We have to go help. Talia can't beat him alone and she seems to have only revenge on the mind."

Lord Omega landed in Arlington and looked up to see Talia closing in on him. When she got close, he shot her with a blast of energy that hit her flush. He watched her fall the remaining fifteen feet. He walked over to where she hit the ground as she opened her eyes. "Don't try it. I am going to give you something because you were well, rewarded by a peer of mine. I will answer two questions that you may ask."

A slightly dazed Talia repeated, "Peer?"

"Yes. You know her as Tremor. She could have killed you but she chose not to for some bizarre reason."

Talia began to regain her full senses then asked, "Are you really Travis Blake?"

He leaned down and smiled at her. "Physically speaking that would be a yes." When Talia made a perplexed expression, he continued, "And that was your two questions. Now, you are the perfect candidate."

Talia asked, "Candidate for what?" She noticed several robed figures making their way towards her.

"Let me introduce you to the Vedican Mordru my followers. Along with a certain energy source I've gotten from the stones, they will bring forth a being known as Pestilence my bride. And your body will be her vessel."

Against the pain, Talia attempted to use her power but before she could, she found herself being bombarded by energy from Lord Omega until she blacked out.

Lord Omega said to the robed figures, "Prepare her for the resurrection of Pestilence." As they gathered up Talia, Lord Omega suddenly looked around until he noticed her in the distance. He said, "That would be three of the four once again walking this planet."

One said without knowing what he saw, "Three? I'm sorry but wouldn't that be only two? You and Pestilence are only two."

Lord Omega shook his head. "No. Someone else resurrected one before."

"Does that mean one will stand against you?"

"No. It seems that one is taking a hands-off approach and let's hope it stays that way until no one could stand against us." He looked at the other. "Enough talk. Prepare the ceremony." After the one walked towards where the rest were preparing Talia, Lord Omega once again looked off in the distance to the west.

She stood on top of Mount Rushmore with her eyes to the east. She knew he looked towards her as she looked towards him. She heard the slight sound as someone approached from behind but she was not worried because she already knew who it was before he even spoke.

"Tremor, what are you looking at?"

Tremor took a deep breath then replied, "Duncan, I think all Hell is about to break loose."

Genesis walked into another area that caused her to take a pause because she still had a hard time with what occupied the space. She had seen the Octo Severin with darker days for so long. Now it was different as it resembled what she never had a chance to know. She quickly walked into the area and saw him with his back to her as he seemed to look out into space. She waited a second then made her way over to him. She said softly when she got closer to him, "It's time." Genesis waited for him to turn to her then continued, "They need you now."

He gave a very fast nod then Travis asked, "Are you positive there is no way for you to come back with me?"

"Very. My body is not in the condition to hold me. And to go further back would have well, bad results. However, you are different. Since the Vedican Mordru used your physical body to raise their master, your body is still intact as he has been using it. It also makes you the key to returning him because only the real owner of the body he possesses can reclaim it."

Travis took a breath. "It's hard to fully understand."

Genesis smiled. "I can understand how you feel, brother."

"Hey, you said when I first showed up that you wanted to talk to me about someone causing problems with the Gate."

Genesis let out a short laugh. "So you did pay attention after all. But I'll tell you after you are done. Right now, because of what I told you about time, there is someone else here I think you should meet."

Travis looked at Genesis as she did a side-step to reveal a figure sitting on a large rock that looked out at a lake with her back to them. He looked back at Genesis then asked, "Who?"

Genesis smiled. "He thought he's winning the day but he just made his first mistake. Go meet the newest addition to Octo. Go meet your new neighbor. Go meet someone who can prove to be a very valuable ally to you."

Travis walked over to the figure with Genesis a step behind him. When he reached the person, he said, "Hello." When she turned to him, Travis was surprised at the familiar face. "You?"






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