StormStrike #47

Created By Antony -- Nov/05/07





Travis walked over to the figure with Genesis a step behind him. When he reached the person, he said, "Hello." When she turned to him, Travis was surprised at the familiar face of Talia. "You?" He continued to look at her even though she did not respond to him but she did look at Genesis with a suspicious eye. Travis said to Genesis, "She acts like I'm not even here."

Genesis said softly, "Because from her perspective, you're not." She walked closer to Talia as Travis stood his ground. Genesis gave a fast grin. "Hello."

Talia asked, "Who are you? And where am I?"

"You don't recognize it?" Genesis noticed the stare did not change. "That's a first. This area is supposed to pull something out of your mind and make it real for you." She sat down on a smaller rock across from Talia. "My name is Genesis. However, I was born to a family you know. My name at birth was Erika Blake."

Talia waited a few seconds to see if any more information would be added. After the moment of silence, she replied, "I heard you were dead."

Genesis gave a smile. "You heard right."

Talia jumped off the rock and extended her right hand to unleash her ebony matter. Much to her surprise, nothing happened. Talia tried again with the same result.

Genesis said calmly, "Your powers don't work here. Now, sit down. I'm not going to hurt you. Actually, I'm going to do the opposite. But first, we have a lot of work to do. And I need to take care of something else really fast then we can get started." After Talia reluctantly sat back down on the rock, Genesis gave a short nod then stood up. She walked over to Travis then took a quick look over her shoulder at Talia before she returned her attention to him. "It's time for you to go. Remember timing is important."

Travis asked, "Why doesn't she see me?"

"From your perspective, she's not even here yet. Simplest way I can put it is that you are seeing into the future. She only sees her present and her present has you already gone."

"Future? But you interacted with her. Why does?" Travis sighed. "Forget it. I think it would just give me a headache anyhow. Besides, I'm ready to get my life back." After she gave a half-smile and motioned for him to lead the way, Travis turned to make his way out as Genesis followed with a larger smile on her face.

Lord Omega walked from the secluded area as the members of the Vedican Mordru waited for him. He looked over his shoulder slightly then returned his attention to them. He nodded slightly then said, "Now, she's ready for the ceremony. You have the essence I collected from the stones. Get started now." As they moved pass him, Lord Omega looked away then said softly, "I think it's time to end the game." He flew skyward.

Jai, Steven, and Aurora were on the jet as it streaked through the air. Jai spoke to the command center via the radio. "So we have no idea where he went to and Talia didn't report in yet?"

Seth's voice answered back, "That about sums it up. Since she doesn't have a communicator to activate the homing beacon, we have no idea where she is. But keep looking. Over and out."

Jai flipped off the radio. "I'm really beginning to not like that guy." She looked over at the co-pilot seat at a silent Steven. "Are you okay? Look, that guy has a lot of powers and very few are what Travis could do that he showed. It could easily be he can change his appearance as well." When he looked at her, Jai continued, "We have to believe that because your brother would never do any of this."

Steven replied, "It's not that. Something he said to me keeps ringing in my ears and I can't make sense of it. He said he expected a better fight out of someone related to her. Her?"

Jai shrugged slightly. "What female relatives do you have?"

"That's just it. Outside of my adopted mother and until I marry that girl back there, nobody. Only blood relatives would be my grandmothers, mother, and" He took a breath then said slightly softer, "And Erika. But they are all long dead. When I asked which her, he quickly changed the subject." He looked back at Aurora who just looked out the window. "I think I need to talk to her." He got out of the seat and walked back to sit next to Aurora. "Hi." When she looked at him briefly then returned her gaze out the window, Steven sighed. "Look, we'll find your sister."

Aurora said, "It's not just her but Nathan too."

"I think he's the least to worry about." When Aurora looked at him with a startled expression, Steven said, "Think about it. Talia showed up and she wasn't going to leave his side until she was sure he'd be okay. So I'm sure he must be okay."

Aurora replied, "I hope so. But there's still Talia. She and I don't always see eye-to-eye but she's still my sister." She looked out the window again briefly then looked back at Steven. "I know you're dealing with a lot since it turned out to be Travis. I'm sorry about that. Travis was my friend too. But my mind just won't focus on anything making me worried about Talia."

"I understand. And I'm not completely sure that was Travis we fought."

"Part of me hopes not but part of me does. I mean, if it is really him that means he's alive and maybe we can reach the good side of him. But if we can't, then I hope it's not him because I want to remember him as being my friend and not this uncaring monster."

As Steven was about to speak, Jai yelled back, "Guys, strap yourselves in! I think we found him!" She looked out as he hovered in front of her with a slight grin on his face. She said softly, "Or maybe it's the other way around." Jai watched as he turned and flew away from them. She pushed the jet forward after him.

Lord Omega descended into the area to see the bodies of the Vedican Mordru spread over the area. He looked over his shoulder as the jet descended down then smiled. He slowly turned fully around as the jet landed and folded his arms across his chest. As the three emerged from the jet, he announced, "It's time to end this little game, heroes."

Jai looked at the bodies on the ground. "What happened here?"

Lord Omega let out a small smirk. "They have outlived their usefulness. Besides, she had to feed."

Aurora asked, "She?" Aurora watched as Lord Omega nodded with a grin as she walked into view to stop at his side. She gasped. "Talia? Not you too."

Lord Omega laughed. "Since you three will be dead within minutes, I'll let you know her name is Pestilence and she's my mate."

She said with an echo to her voice, "Are you ready?"

Jai, Steven, and Aurora began to yell in pain as they gripped their heads which caused Lord Omega to laugh.

Lord Omega said as they continued in pain, "Wonderful use of her powers, isn't it?" He laughed for a second then his facial expression changed then he said, "No! This is my body now!"

Steven suddenly felt the pain stop and he glared at Talia.

She said, "Do it!"

Steven sped towards Lord Omega and began hitting him at rapid speed. He felt a backhand that sent him backwards but he quickly regained his balance to see Lord Omega was still gripped by some pain.

Lord Omega looked at Talia. "What are you doing, Pestilence?"

She shook her head. "Not Pestilence."

"Genesis? So that's how he's in here fighting me."

She nodded as Steven zipped in to continue his high speed assault. "Now, you face all three siblings." She looked at a startled Jai and Aurora who just regained themselves. "Hit him with all you got! Keep him off balance!"

Jai sighed then unleashed a fire blast that missed Steven and hit Lord Omega directly. She saw him easily brush it off and fired another blast as he brushed Steven away again.

Aurora looked around the wooded area then at the ground underneath Lord Omega. She concentrated to cause sewage pipes to rip up through the ground then hurled them towards Lord Omega.

Lord Omega blasted the first pipe but the second slammed into him. He hurled it off him and stood as he got hit by Steven speeding into him. He fired back at hit Steven who landed between Jai and Aurora. He fired at the three that hit them and put them to the ground. He grimaced in pain then looked at Genesis. He said angrily, "Even with your protection, I would hope you would've realized it would take more power than those three had at their disposal!"

She grinned and nodded. "More power? Will she do?"

Lord Omega gasped then turned as a column of rock rammed into him. Before he could recover, another column of ground shot into him and then another followed by another. He tried to fire but there were too many hitting him as he only deflected half of them. "Show yourself!"

Genesis laughed. "Bad move. I've already brought her up to speed and she has more than one reason to not be happy with you right now."

Tremor lowered down on a boulder with an angered expression as a wall of ground rose behind Lord Omega and collapsed on him. She watched as a blast came out of the crumbled wall and he shot skyward. She commanded a large portion of ground to rip away and hurled it into him to cause him to crash back to the ground. When he emerged from the rubble, Tremor already had another portion of the ground on the way to hit him directly.

Genesis said, "I don't want the rightful owner of that body to come back as a cripple, okay?"

Tremor replied as she moved towards Lord Omega, "You do things your way and I do things my way! I never promised to take it easy!" She watched as Lord Omega tried to take off again after he emerged. Only this time, Tremor caused the ground to reach up and encase him in rock from the neck down. She frowned as she caused the ground to contract around him and she could hear him beginning to gasp for air.

Genesis said, "Okay, I got the Gate ready. Thanks for the interference." She unleashed a bright beam towards Lord Omega that stopped just above him. A loud sound filled the air as an opening appeared.

Lord Omega yelled, "No! I can't be defeated now! No!" A phantom was ripped from the body of Travis Blake that went into the rift which disappeared as soon as it entered.

Genesis yelled at Tremor, "It's over! Release him!"

Tremor ignored her until she noticed him speak.


Tremor looked at Genesis. "He can breathe in there." She noticed the sheepish grin on her face. "Fine. Have it your way. Are we even now?"

"What do you mean?" Genesis gave an innocent expression.

"Look, you could have beaten him without my help!"

Genesis grinned slyly. She used telepathy to communicate only with Tremor. "I was just interested in seeing you in action."

Tremor frowned as the ground that encased Travis released and fell apart. "If he gets free again and you bring me in to help, nobody is going to be safe!" The ground underneath her feet ripped away and took her swiftly skyward.

Genesis looked as Tremor moved away then walked over to help Travis up. "How did it go in there? It seemed as if he wasn't having as much problems."

Travis nodded. "I think he was winning." He looked at her intently. "It odd seeing you in that body."

Genesis nodded. "I will return her soon. I just have a few loose ends to tie up first." She turned to see Steven, Jai, and Aurora regaining their consciousness. "First, we need to bring them up to speed enough." She walked to them and she immediately gave Steven a large hug.

Aurora stared at the embrace. "Talia?" When the embrace continued, she said, "That's my boyfriend you're hugging on there!"

Steven looked at Aurora then shook his head. He looked at Genesis and said, "Don't understand it but somehow it's Erika."

Aurora gasped. "Your dead sister is in my sister's body?"

Genesis looked at Aurora and nodded. "It would be too long to explain everything but that's how it is now. I switched places with Pestilence so when the Vedican Mordru thought they brought her forth they actually brought me. But I ended them."

Aurora looked around at the bodies. "They are the Vedican Mordru?"

Steven asked, "You've heard of them?"

"Once. They kidnapped Kelly and Rex led the rescue is how she ended up with my family."

Genesis nodded. "They were attempting to bring forth Pestilence then." When Aurora glared at her, she continued, "I played a small role in how your family found out it was about to happen and I'll just leave it at that. I'll just say Kelly Noblitt is where she is supposed to be." She looked over her shoulder at Travis. "And speaking of people being where they are supposed to be, I will need to borrow him for a little while and need you three to do me a favor." She looked back at them. "When I take him back with me, it will appear as if he is dead but you must preserve his body and not bury it or anything. We have a few things to take care of back where I am now and then he'll return to you for good."

Jai eyed Travis in the slight distance but asked Genesis, "So we weren't fighting him?"

Genesis shook her head. "No. His body was possessed by Lord Omega but now Lord Omega is back in Octo Severin and Travis has his body back." She watched as Steven slowly walked towards Travis with Aurora a step behind him. Genesis looked back at Jai. "And you played a big part of him being back. Don't let things stop you two from being together."

"Forgive me but the biggest obstacle is the person who is normally in that body so seems rather weird to hear that."

She laughed softly. "Natalia Masters is hardly an obstacle to you where he is concerned. He cares for her as a possible friend just like he cares for her sister Aurora but you are the special one in his heart. And honestly, she may lust after him but she knows it's just a physical attraction and likes to flirt. And the fact it drives you crazy is an added bonus to her fun about it." She laughed even though Jai just gave her a serious stare. She turned to watch her brothers.

Steven said, "Incredible story. Is that really you?"

Travis nodded. "Yeah." He looked at Aurora who peered out behind Steven with a small grin on her face. "Hey there. I see the magic continues." When he noticed the puzzled expression on Steven, he continued, "Rex said when we fought at the CDC that it would be magical for a Masters and Blake to team up. And when it comes to you two, I have to agree with that."

Genesis walked over to them. "It's time to go back, Travis." She opened another gateway above him quickly that pulled him into it as his body fell to the ground. She said, "Remember to preserve his body so I can return him after I debrief him." She hugged Steven again. "Take care of yourself, big brother." She looked at Aurora. "I will return your sister after I take care of one thing first here." She looked back at Steven. "Go ahead and take his body with you."

Steven said, "Wait. Can't you return to us too?"

She shook her head. "Because my body is not preserved. That's why I can't stress enough to take care of his or he'll also be lost to you forever. Remember, I'll also be watching you. I love you." She quickly turned and flew skyward. She glanced over her shoulder as she flew away for a second and a tear ran down her cheek.

Jai said, "Let's get him on the jet and get back there. I really don't know how we're going to explain this one."

Genesis landed near Tremor who stood on top of a large hill. She smiled even through Tremor only had a stern expression on her face. "It was interesting for you to help me."

Tremor replied, "You gave me enough reason but I am nobody's puppet. Are we clear on that?"

Genesis smiled slightly. "Of course."

Tremor added, "That body you have now is someone who earned my respect on the field of battle. And turns out, she's the sister of someone who treated me as something more than just a soulless vessel of destruction. Add to the fact that Lord Omega hurt their brother who I think is pretty hot doesn't sit well with me either. But don't expect to use me anymore. I am no longer your apprentice."

Genesis nodded. "That's true. But I must say you made me proud to say you were once my apprentice today. You're one of a kind. You're too good to be a villain and too bad to be a hero. Honestly, you are just a force of nature. I will talk to them about your exile and about having it lifted."

"Don't bother. I don't want to go back."

Genesis smiled. "Then I guess this is good-bye, Teri. And I am proud of you because you have shown you have accepted your destiny. And mercy will not be an option when you live up to it. The Cleansing will happen when the time is right and it will be by your hand. Remember, you are the chosen one and don't forget that."

"How can I forget, Erika? Does the owner of that body know how she fits into it?" replied Tremor. She watched as Genesis gave a fast grin then took off. A wicked smile crossed Tremor's lips. She nodded then said softly, "It's on now."

Two hours later, Jai stood outside the infirmary and looked into the large window at Travis on the bed without moving. She heard the footsteps approach but did not take her eyes off Travis. Jai looked quickly to see Seth and Victoria then returned her gaze to Travis.

Seth said, "I did not authorize this! I am really not happy with you making this decision without consulting me!"

Jai looked at him. "What part of this makes you think I care what you think? As the field commander of the team, this was a battlefield decision. In other words, it was my call. Now, Victoria, do everyone a big favor and get this guy out of my face." She returned her attention to Travis.

As Seth was about to respond, Victoria quickly grabbed him by the arm. When he looked at her, she said softly, "Maybe now isn't the right time. Trust me." She put on a polite smile until he grunted then walked off. Victoria walked to stand next to Jai and looked into the room. "Are you sure about this, Miss Cabarini?"

Jai just could take a deep breath. She noticed that Patricia walked out of the room. She asked, "Well?"

Patricia shook her head. "I would say there's a dead body in there. How long is he supposed to be this way again?"

Jai replied, "Didn't say. Just keep him here and nobody is to touch his body without my authorization. Is that clear?"

Patricia looked at Victoria who gave her a slow nod. She looked back at Jai. "Okay." She looked across the hall then said, "Excuse me a minute." She walked towards the door that opened before she reached it. Patricia noticed Nathan in the doorway. "You're supposed to be resting."

Nathan frowned. "I'm done with that."

"I haven't given you medical clearance yet." After he gave her a snarl, Patricia gulped. "Okay, but I am not responsible if anything happens to you."

After Nathan stormed off, Talia stood in the doorway and looked at Patricia then shrugged. "He didn't want to listen to me too." Talia looked at Jai then looked into the other room at Travis. She looked around at the other three females again before she quickly turned and catch up to her brother.

Patricia said, "It seems she doesn't show any effects from being possessed."

Jai eyed where Talia vanished around the corner then looked back in at Travis. She took a deep breath as Patricia returned to the room with Travis. Her mind began to go back to the memories before the compound was invaded. Jai said to Victoria, "The time is getting closer to trying to retake the compound, isn't it?" After Victoria nodded, Jai returned her attention to Travis. She waited until Victoria made her way away then Jai said softly while her attention was on Travis, "Come back soon because I don't know if I'm up to leading that particular mission."


Ryder Harrison returns! He is going home to the devastated San Francisco and he is not happy with what he will find! And he is not coming alone!



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